RetroSpy 3.7.1 Release



  • SendKey/Keybinding Support is Fixed
  • SendKey/Keybinding is No Longer Delayed when a Delay is Set

The Long Version

SendKey/Keybinding Support is Fixed
Version 3.7 included A LOT of code cleanup and somewhere in the middle of that code cleanup I completely broke the SendKey functionality. I fixed this by reverting the code around the feature and putting a note informing my future self to not touch it unless I explicitly plan on testing the outcome of touching it.

SendKey/Keybinding is No Longer Delayed when a Delay is Set
This is something I didn’t know about. So you can set a delay on displaying your key presses to better sync up with the latency of your capture solution. The problem is when you are using the SendKey functionality the sent keys are also delayed like your inputs. For some cases this is fine, but if you wanted to use send keys to start and stop your timer you would not want those keys to be delayed. I have now changed it so the sent keys are not delayed. The old behavior can be turned back on via the Options menu.


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