Successfully Creating a Network Configuration on a PS2 in 2018

DNAS was a security system that Sony implemented for PS2 online games.  Connecting to it is a required step of successfully creating a new network configuration, but the servers were completely shutdown in 2016.  I spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to work around this problem.  Here is my solution.  You will have to manually assign an IP, netmask and gateway. Additionally, and most importantly, you have to manually assign DNS addresses.  Assigning an IP, netmask and gateway is left as an exercise of the user since it is highly dependent on your network configuration.  The important part is assigning the DNS address.  The folks over at SWBFGamers have setup an alternative DNAS server and DNS servers that route original DNAS traffic to it.  The DNS address to use are currently and  Once I had all this manually configured I was able to “Test Connection” successfully and save a new network configuration.  The original source of the DNS address is here.

I hope this saves somebody some time because I was not particularly happy it took so long to figure out.


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2 Replies to “Successfully Creating a Network Configuration on a PS2 in 2018

  1. Is connectivity limited to only those playing SWBF or does it work with all PS2 online-capable games?

    Does this work with original hardware or only with the emulator?

    How do I go about entering those numbers?

    1. It works for any game, the SWBF people are just hosting the solution. I have only ever tried this on real hardware. I would have to look how to enter them, because I forget. 🙂

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