Trying Out Ultima Online Publish 97

Publish 97 just got pushed to the Origin shard, which is my home shared, so I figured I would log into my tamer and see what the deal is with all the animal taming changes.  Town criers keep telling me to go to an Animal Trainer to find out more information.  Well its off to Luna and sure enough the Animal Trainer is now a Quest Giver.  Here goes nothing.

Ok this sounds like work.  I have always been partial to Nightmares, so I will go grab a fresh one.  Off to the Rune Library.

The Nightmare by Doom is hanging out right by the recall point. It takes me a few minutes to final wrangle the damn thing, but I get it tamed.

I have no idea if the Pet Power Calculator even means anything after this publish, but I figured I would check out my new Nightmare.

Okay, he SUCKS.  He sucks big time.  My best Nightmare in the stable was a 4.1 freshly tamed.  However the new training techniques are supposed to let you up a pets power, so we will roll with this guy.  In the past he would have been an instant release.  Back to Luna for the next part of the quest chain.

I missed a screen shot of the little “Begin Animal Training” button, but its really hard to miss on the first page of the Animal Lore screen.  Quest complete, right back to the trainer to get the next part of the quest chain.

Well this sounds like real work.  My new Nightmare isn’t bonded, since I just tamed it, so it looks like I am going to stable the beast and come back to this once it is bonded.  In the mean time I may go try and find one of the cool new tameables.  Not to mention I want to know I can do with a Greater Chicken!

To Be Continued…


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